Finance For Your Music Video!

Its finally here, and we are the first to provide it! Finance for your music video! Yes! At Budget Music Videos we are proud to announce we will be offering finance for any products on our website, starting at £100 minimum and £800 maximum. We are collaborating with PartPay which offers a simple and effective way of doing finance over a 6-week period. Our clients will be able to pay in small instalments over 6 weeks, instead of a large lump sum up front as usually requested by Budget Music Videos. With this finance option, you will be able to produce, film and edit your music video within this time frame and by the time you have completed your music video production your payments will also be complete. This helps musicians to put their trust in Budget Music Videos and deliver on the final music video within the 6 weeks period. It also allows musicians to spread the cost across 6 weeks, which is easier to digest.

Here at Budget Music Videos we are always trying to help musicians and make the process of music video production easier and more affordable. The best part about the finance is that its 0% interest and the musicians only pay what they have borrowed!

Author: Loraa White





Controversial opinion, female directors have a better eye for model photography. Let me tell you why.

You see me rock up to the studio, the first thing you will see is my dress sense. Not one shoot has anyone seen me in baggy, tasteless clothes. I arrive looking like you can’t afford to hire me. And what does that tell you? It tells you that I have been up at all hours cleaning myself, selecting what to wear, applying the makeup, wear the selected clothes, preparing breakfast for my son, all whilst coming up with concepts for how an image can look and how I’m going to tackle this shoot.

What do you think goes on behind one photo?

Well, believe it or not, I have a whole team behind me, from stylists to lighting gaffers, they are literally the skeleton of my work. Honestly, if I didn’t have the list of people you see below, I would struggle.

* Make-up artist
* Lighting Gaffer
* Hairstylist
* Costume stylist
* Set Designer
* Intern
* My Producer, Gareth (can’t cope without him)

Your standard shoot would have a white backdrop and Bob’s your uncle it’s simple and there’s not much to it. However, I am not a fan. I like gorgeous designs, but not too busy because the main focus is the model and that’s what’s always important. So with my team behind me doing all of the structure of the set and work with the model, it truly elevates the image to a higher plane.

Now, make-up. I have all the faith in my make-up artists, but as a director, I want to know exactly what is happening, especially, and most importantly, how my model looks. Not to shade the straight male directors, but I would have a better eye if the model doesn’t look quite right when make-up is applied.

Now if you want a fandabbydosey image, you need to work a fecking camera. Simple as that. What lens to use, the angles you take. I am in love with my Sony a6500 with my Sigma 18-35mm 1.8f lens, can’t use it enough for my filming and photography. Also, trust me, models have good and bad angles, communicate with them on what they are, work around their imperfections and make them perfect.

All of these elements will equate to a high quality, orgasmic image that would not need extended work done to it, maybe sometimes a wee tad of a skin touch up but that’s it.

Below is an example of a shoot, shot in our BMV Studios, with Wine Knocker in collaboration with JAMMco. Enjoy!

Author: Loraa White & Gareth Greenfield


When it comes to having a Music Video that stands out one of the most crucial aspects is the location. The right location could really set your video apart from others. Location scouting can be one of the most difficult but also satisfying parts of being a videographer.

Today it proved to be extremely satisfying as I came across a beautiful creative space that could be used  for multiple types of genres, videos and shots. This former college in Belfast has been made into a gleeful, quirky creative studio. It has a cosy feel but with different props and lights almost anything can be achieved, a video directors dream I call it, take a glance yourself below..



Keeping a budget low for any music video can be difficult. At Budget Music videos ( we are experienced at gathering low cost resources for music videos. There are a lot of expenses to think about whether you are considering a small simple video or a more creative video. The main questions to be asked are, what’s the best idea to represent the music? Where should we shoot the video? Should we use, extras/actors/models/dancers? Who is the best team to film and edit the video? Costumes/Hair/Make-up? Props? And many more…..

We have managed to generate lots of ideas to save money when planning your low budget music video. When you are coming up with an idea for a music video, sometimes it can be easy to get very literal with the music, and generate lots of ideas that would be difficult to capture. Sometimes the best way to capture the music is the simplest and your fan base will appreciate it more. For example Azealia Banks – 212. This was a very simple video that went viral and goes to show you that less sometimes is more.

Deciding whether to shoot within a studio or location can affect your costs. Obviously shooting on location will be cheaper; however other factors you should consider is the whether or not you will be able to capture good shots without lighting when on location. One idea we have used are battery operated LED lights, these are cheap and can be bought on EBay. They can be hand held or attached to your camera. These lights are great for close up shots.

If you decide to hire a studio, you will find that the further outside the city, the cheaper the studio cost. However don’t forget to factor in all the travel costs for yourself and all your team. Sometimes the most expensive studio works out the same either way. When hiring a studio check if lights, backdrops etc are included as this can play a huge part on your costs and a lot of studios included them now, to keep fees low. This will also be one less thing to think about.  Also, if you plan your video shoot well and organize timing etc, you can limit the amount of time needed in the studio, therefore cutting down cost.

If you require extras/actors/models/dancers for your video, the first place to look is your friends and family. They always love to get involved and will be happy to do it for free. If you have no luck there, you can put up a free ad on Starnow, however unpaid ads don’t get the best responses. If you offer to pay expenses, you may get a better response as there are lots of people out there trying to build upon their experience and show reels. Always remember less is more. for a low budget music video only one model and one dancers should be enough to create the scenes required for your video.

Costumes are an essential part of your video; they create the image, the brand and set you apart from other artists. Source your ideas online and try and re-create them from cheap high street stores and EBay. You can find anything on EBay, any prop or accessory. You don’t necessarily need to have several costume changes within your video; one very powerful costume is sufficed on a low budget.

Hair and Makeup is more for the females, yet needs to be well thought through, if you can budget for a makeup artist, great, as it needs to be flawless for your video, it also needs to be more creative than your normal make-up. Look online for ideas that can be easily generated by yourself or someone else and do a practice run before hand. This goes the same with the hair styling. Remember only one hair style and one makeup look is enough when making a low budget music video, as long as its powerful and creative.

The most important part of your music video is the filming and editing team. Here at we are able to do this in house therefore keeping the costs low. A good camera, good lighting and a good editor are essential and shouldn’t be passed aside, but should be carefully considered even on a low budget!

Overall being organised, having a thorough plan and good resources that have been well researched should make for a professional music video on a low budget! /


There are a wide variety of options to try and raise funds to pay for a music video. A first obvious one, is by having financial backing from a record label or management. If you are able to get signed, then in theory you shouldn’t have to raise funds yourself for your music or music video.

However getting signed is extremely difficult and can be time consuming, so if your looking for funding quickly or just want to ‘do it yourself’, then it might be an idea to source an investor/sponsor. There are a few avenues you could try for this. First of all you could start close to home, approach family and friends for donations. If that fails, then try approaching your local shops/businesses/entrepreneurs for sponsorship. This may mean you represent their business/brand in some way in your video, however it would be worth it.

Another idea would be to approach your fan base. If you have managed t build a fan base already, you could set up a fan donation page, where fans could donate to help you raise funds for your music video. There are many different websites out there for this, including ‘Go fund me’  and ‘help for bands’ for the UK and ‘Fan Funded’ for the USA. There are many more, just Google ‘fan funding’ and see the results. These accept donations of all sizes, but can be time consuming to promote your campaign for it to be noticed by the general public. However if you already have a big fan base, this should be relatively easy.

One other option is to hire ‘Budget Music Videos’ . We offer extremely low priced music videos from £199, which will give you that professional image you desire.

If you are unable to source finance you could always try and find online competitions for free music videos via video production companies like ‘Budget Music videos’ or via artist’s websites like Reverbnation. Another website that offers money rewards for great music is ‘’. They let artists compete with their music, simple homemade videos of you singing your music, and the winner wins a substantial amount of money at the end of each month.

Hopefully this will give you some great tips to get you started. Thanks


Extras/Models/Dancer/Actors can really enhance a video, depending on the style. Although they are not always needed, it is sometimes makes a music video diverse and breaks it up with some other talent within the video. If you are planning a low budget music video and want extras/models/dancers the best place to start is close to home. Ask appropriate friends and family who may suit the role, however be careful that you will get the result you want and image you want to set. Bringing in a professional may be a better choice for the video, but this all depends on budget and what you can get. If you plan to not pay your extras/models/dancers you may find your applicants are a range of amateurs who don’t have the right look or enough talent. However if you offer at least some expenses, for example £20 towards travel and food, you will get a good range of applicants applying for the position. Also state clearly how long they will be needed for, the shorter the time, the more people will be interested. The location is also really important, somewhere central and has ease of access by public transport, the better the location the better the applicants.

The best place to advertise for free for extras/models/dancers is Starnow. Once your advert is approved you will be able to see full profiles for all your applicant and pick the best for the video. As long as the applicants know all the information up front, they can’t argue with you on the day. You will be provided with all their contact information, plus videos and pictures to make your decision easier. Plus, after the shoot is finished its good to go back to the Starnow advert and place recommendations for everyone that was used. This means that everyone is happy and creates a possibility you could use them again in the future.

One final avenue to pursue for finding some extras/models/dancers is to approach students at your local colleges. Students studying performing arts etc, as they will be eager to gain experience and to learn, however ensure they are over 18.


When working to a low budget a studio shoot may not always be the best option, however it can create the most professional look when trying to set a good image or brand for the artist and the music. A simple studio shoot whether using a white/black/green background can capture the essence of any song and your fan base may appreciate the simplicity of it. In the early stages of your music career it can be best to try and get your fan base to appreciate your amazing music first and follow through with the creative music video at a later stage. As i have advised before when researching a studio, you will find that the further outside the city you look the cheaper it will be, as long as you don’t mind travelling.

When searching for a cheap studio, try and get an inclusive studio that includes everything from studio lights, backdrops, changing facilities, kitchen facilities and props. These are the best types of studios as they remove all the stress of sourcing these things externally and individually.

However, depending on where you live sometimes its better to hire a studio within a central city location as it can mean that your surrounding team have ease of access and lower travel costs too, especially when sourcing cheap filming and editing or extras/models/dancers etc. The most expensive part of your video will probably be the studio shoot, so make sure you make the most of it and get as many shots as you can. This may also include taking photographs during the video shoot, to add to your image, or could be used for album covers, profile pictures etc.

Another idea may be that if you book a studio for an entire day, try and organise two video shoots for two separate songs. I assure you this is possible, as long as its well planned, simple and organised. This would mean you will get full use of your filming team, model/dancer/extras, therefore saving money! /


If you are an unsigned artist and are trying to make the right impression on a low budget, here are Budget Music Videos our best piece of advice is ‘Keep it Simple’. Sometimes trying to do too much can start to look tacky and cheap and its better to have quantity over quality. When you are planning a music video for the first time is can be very exciting and you will want to represent every lyric within the song, which can become long winded and over the top. As long as you can capture the main message about the song, that is the most important part of a music video, for example, love, hate, dance, drama etc. At the end of the day the song is the critical part and the music video is just used to compliment it, 9 times out of 10 most people wont see your video, although it is the most powerful form of marketing online.

If you are starting out and only want to show off your music, keep it small and simple. After you have built some experience about making music videos, then you can elaborate and experiment.

Generating a good low budget idea for a music video can come from the simplest thing, like a good prop, good lighting, or use of sexy dancer. When analyzing your song, think about how you want people to feel when they watch it. If it’s a dance song, you want them to dance, so dancers in your video would work. If it’s a love song, some actors playing out a love scene would work. Just remember less is always more.

The basics of a music video should first of all start with the idea, and then follow through with a minimum of 5 different scenes. Plan at least 5 scenes, so if one doesn’t work, you still have other to use. For example, in a dance song video you may plan the following:

1. Shot of singer with flashing lights
2. Shot of dancer with flashing lights
3. Shot of singer and dancer together
4. Shot of singer is throne while drinking champagne
5. Shot of singer, singing on a retro TV

Obviously this is just a basic idea, when you break each scene down, you will have a variety of shots for each scene including: angled shots, full length shots, close up shots, object/prop shots, CLOTHING/accessories shots, singing shots, no singing shots etc. This is good guideline to follow. This will also make more than enough footage for a simple low budget music video.

Think about simple props that you would use everyday that will cost you nothing and create a great scene. E.g. flowers from your garden, grapes and fruit, champagne/wine glasses, candles, sheets, lipstick, mirrors etc.

Sometimes just using the props that are available and using your initiative during filming can work, for example when on location, props like street lights, flowers, cars, brick walls etc. If you are in the studio there are always ample props available that maybe you hadn’t thought about during the planning stage, for example chairs, stereos, magazines, other areas etc.