‘The Other Side’ – SZA, Justin Timberlake Music Video

Breaking Down: ‘The Other Side’ – SZA, Justin Timberlake Music Video

The joy of creating a music video is that it can be absolutely anything your heart desires, and can be made in so many different ways. Three music videos which capture this variety well, are three of the most popular from March 2020. Blinding Lights from The Weeknd uses a huge range of camera angles and different scenes to construct a story that can be interpreted in many different ways, potentially referring to a man getting carried away by his way of life, and at the end recognising this. Stupid Love by Lady Gaga shows that with enough planning, you can film an amazing music video, even with just your phone. Along with these major hits of music videos, with 10s of millions of views of YouTube each, is The Other Side, by SZA and Justin Timberlake.

Even with the flashy look and stunning visuals of this video, it can actually be an example of how a video with a simple concept can turn out as something amazing to watch, and is an example of how several of our music videos have been shot. First of all, is the transition between shots. Throughout the music video, you may notice that rarely does a shot last longer than a second, and in fact from the first chorus onwards, no shot will be shown for longer than 4 beats at a time. This results in a more visually interesting experience for the audience, as there is always something new to be watching.

Along with these transitions, there are several times where the lead singers will continue singing into a different shot. While it might seem like meticulous planning went into exactly what words would be sang in a certain area and at a certain angle, this is more than likely not the case, as this would take a large part of time for such a small portion of footage. Instead, it is likely that the song will have been performed in these different areas in full, or at least a large portion, like the chorus. In this way, during editing, it gives the ability to swap between these areas, and lead to the visually impressive segments you can see throughout.

These also splice in well with B-roll footage, such as Justin fixing his hair, kicking the camera, or dancing along to the beat of the video. B-roll, while initially seemingly unimportant, can be crucial during the final edit, as portions of video that may be uninteresting in longer lengths, can be cut in different sections, but relevant pieces of b-roll helping to bridge across important shots.

A standout feature of this video is definitely the shining visuals, the silver sparkly suit of SZA, the set design background where a majority of Justin’s dancing takes place, and the turntable SZA can be seen lying on several times throughout the video. You can also see a fish eye lens being used several times throughout the video, as if the dancers are looking into a CCTV camera, and diamonds being thrown about several times towards the end of the video. This helps the video stand out amongst other videos releasing, and can really help in structuring how the video is filmed as well. The video is grounded in this theme of shining diamonds, and this overall can help the end product be as visually stunning as The Other Side.

As a final takeaway from this music video, it really shows how a music video can look great, and be visually interesting to the audience, whilst not being overly complex or a deep story. While these types of video are also great and immensely satisfying to watch through, they can also take months of work, and may be confusing. The Other Side uses shots taken from several different scenes, b-roll spliced in to break up long parts of the same scene, some distinct features such as the fish-eye lens, and the central them being diamonds, and combines these together with smooth editing, and a few effects for a final touch, in order to define itself. The set design alone would have been a trciky and unique build and they probably spent alot of budget and time on this aspect. So keeping the performance element simple would have been key.

If you are shooting a low budget music video, achieveing this look may seem impossible. Set Design can go into the 100’s of thousands, but you can create something either in a green screen studio or hire a studio that has interesting features to look like a higher production value.

We sometimes get to play with set design even on low budget productions, here is a great example of a studio we hired that came with all the props and all we had to do was dress each scene:

This type of video we can produce for around the £5k mark, you can check out our other productions here: https://www.budgetmusicvideo.co.uk/portfolio/

So wether you are an independent artist or a signed artist, you should be constantly analysiyig the current music video trends and styles to help encourage your ideas to stand out and be unique. Most artists have lots of ideas, but the biggest issue is budget. If you cant afford the budget, its sometimes better to keep to a simple idea. Hope this article helps and you have fun filming!

Author: Richard Callender

How to make a music video on a low budget?

How to make a music video on a low budget?

So you’re in the music scene and you haven’t quite made enough to afford the expense of an expensive music that all those professional studios are charging for, let alone all the bells and whistles that they charge even more for like makeup, hair, costumes and extras.

HAVE NO FEAR, because with enough preparation you can pull it off on your own and save big bucks.

Before you go to a production company, sit down a practice your styling. Being able to do your own hair and makeup efficiently will save you big time instead of getting a professional hired in. All it takes is a bit of practice or a friend who knows what they’re doing and what you want. Here is a tutorial on how to do your own makeup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1g92Xghz-8

Being organised saves time AND money. Come up with storyboards of how you want your video to play out as this will help everything move on a lot quicker and possibly inspire changes you like more than the original idea. Planning out a story board can also help start the process of reinventing the shots in the case anything goes wrong. Try and opt for filming outide in the sunlight, this is the cheapest way to shoot a music video. Outside is free, the sun is free and it can be very simple. If you want a studio, you then have to think to times, lighting, set design and many more elements.

Manage expectations:
Managing your expectations is VERY important when it comes to a video. Every aspect has a price, if it’s the lighting, the effects, the location, everything, so it’s important to know what you want from the video. Starting with a £500 budget you need to understand that the video will be limited in terms of locations, times and equipment available, as well as limits in production such as tweaks you want to make and effects you want to add (that stuff isn’t easy).

If you would like to learn how to shoot your own music video, we offer some great Online Courses: https://www.budgetmusicvideo.co.uk/online-courses/

To summarise, diving head first into making a music video will cost you more time and money than if you take your time, look at your options and plan things carefully (a bit of DIY never hurt anyone, did it?). Here are some video tutorials we have shot with our top tips about shooting a low budget music video:

Author: Thomas Mooney

How Much Does A Music Video Cost?

Here at Budget Music Videos, we get asked this question a lot, however there isn’t one answer to this question. Professional music videos made by popular artists can cost millions of dollars per video, however smaller indie artists can also make a music video for absolutely nothing, simply by playing in front of a camera. To give a simple answer, how much your music video will cost depends on how creative you want to get!

Although we can storyboard the project for you, it may help if you visualize what you want your dream music video to be about. For example, would you like the video outside? Do you want background dancers? How long would you like the shoot to be? All of these are important considerations, but its also important to consider your budget.

Anything is possible for us to do for you, and we’ll always look around to find the best prices, but do keep in mind that we have to be realistic with a smaller budget, while in contrast with a larger budget, the sky can truly be the limit!

As always, we’re here to help make your dream music video; you can quickly find a price with our instant quote calculator (available at https://www.budgetmusicvideo.co.uk/instant-quote/), get in touch with us directly for a more in depth quote (https://www.budgetmusicvideo.co.uk/contact/), and additionally we have a number of ready made price packages available (https://www.budgetmusicvideo.co.uk/prices/).

And alternatively, if you would like a cheaper and quicker alternative, check out our stock music video database, where we have a wide range of videos, and a built-in video editing software, from £99! https://www.budgetmusicvideo.co.uk/pre-made-videos/

There is a lot to consider when making a music video, so make sure you spend time thinking about all aspects for your perfect video, but don’t be afraid to get in touch with us, we’re always happy to help!

Here is one of our low budget music videos, it only cost £499:

Author: Richard Callender

Budget Music Videos in Belfast!

Budget Music Videos in Belfast!

Budget Music Videos is currently based in three locations, including London, Dublin and Belfast, and each of these cities boast a wide range of opportunities for us with clients and filming locations, as even these locations may seem close together, they each have very different features to them! And a great example of this is with Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland has an extensive variety of historic locations, from Harland & Wolff shipyard where the infamous Titanic was built, remains of castles and monasteries dating back as far as the 12th century, and the gorgeous untouched landscape of the Mourne Mountains. Smaller towns and villages scatter across the country, bringing places which almost seemed locked in the history of decades prior. All of these locations, plus dozens of other unique places, lend Northern Ireland to be a country with a lot of potential for unique and captivating videos.

In recent years there have been plenty of stellar examples for filming within Northern Ireland, such as Derry Girls or Game of Thrones, and several Music Videos we’ve produced have been filmed using the unique locations only available here! If you would like to browse the selection of videos we’ve produced in Northern Ireland, across the UK and beyond, check out our portfolio, where we’ve catalogued all our work for clients! https://www.budgetmusicvideo.co.uk/portfolio/

Here is a one of our most recent Belfast City Centre music videos:

Author: Richard Callender

What is a Stock Music Video?

What is a Stock Music Video?

If you’ve been following Budget Music Videos on social media, or through our blog posts, you may have seen us mention Stock Music Videos, or a new video that’s recently been made available…but what is a Stock Music Video?

Making a music video can be a large investment for many people, something which can take a large budget to produce, and can also take around 6 weeks to be fully edited, and ready for you to promote your music. But social media is constantly moving, and maybe you don’t have the budget for a fully produced music video. So, how can you create a quick and effective music video on a budget?

We had this same thought process, and so we created the world’s first Stock Music Videos! A collection of stock videos that have been made with music as their priority. There are a wide variety of styles to choose from, such as romantic, sad and dance, and there are even stock trailers that are made alongside each of the stock music videos!

However, what is a stock music video?

It is a ready made 4 minute long music video with full storylines and themes. This is a video where the artist is not in the music video, but instead uses the video as a marketing tool to drum up new fans and create a professional image. The videos use actors and performers to create context and interest throughout the video and give it substance. The music videos are currently royalty free and artists can use them anywhere online, they are just not suited for broadcasting. The reason for this is because the artist does not own the video, therefore the video will be sold many times. Hence the name ‘stock’. However, if you are worried someone else will also have your video, you dont need to worry, as we only plan to sell a max of 30 times each video and we are constantly creating new videos every month.

Finally, WHY a stock music video?

We have come up with the main reasons to purchase a stock music video:

1. If you are an independent artist and dont have the budget to produce a music video, a stock music video is a cheap option. Prices start from £39 for trailers and £99 for music videos.
2. It takes the risk out of your marketing plan. If you only spend a little amount on a video you can use your marketing budget on marketing the song. This is better than filming an expensive music video.
3. You can test the fanbase, and see if they like the song. Then if the song starts to perform well, you can invest in a more personal music video.
4. If you are releasing an entire album, you might want to use stock music videos for some of the other songs that are not single releases.
5. A stock music video also is fast, you can purchase and edit a music video in minutes on our website. So you have a rapid route to market to start promoting your music.
6. Social Media moves very fast and you need new content on a daily basis to keep your fans interested. This could be a fast and affordable way to do this.

When you purchase one of our stock music videos, you are given the option of downloading this video directly, or using our built-in video editing software! This software is used within your browser, and allows for music to be added instantly. You can also change the video filter to be black & white or retro, and allows for text to be added, perhaps showing your name.

Once this is perfected to your liking, you will receive your customised stock music video shortly afterwards, and…that’s everything! Just like that you’ve made your music video, and instead of 6 weeks to produce, its done in around 6 minutes!

If you’re interested, feel free to browse our stock music video page, and quickly create a stellar video! https://www.budgetmusicvideo.co.uk/pre-made-videos/

Here is a great example below:

Thanks! Please share this video where you can!
Author: Loraa White & Richard Callender

Music Videos during the Coronavirus, What to do?

Why not try a DIY music video during the corona virus? Or maybe a stock music video?

We are currently living in a strange time, where its hard to know what will happen day by day. Listening to government advice, we are to distance ourselves from one another, and self-isolate in order to help prevent the spread of covid-19. However, with most places closed for the near foreseeable future, this means that many industries will be impacted, and most prevalent to us is the music and music video industry.

You may have had a previously planned music video, that would have helped boost yourself on social media, however, this doesn’t mean that all videos have to stop, and in fact you can do a lot by yourself, even at home! There are many tutorials you can follow online, even some we have previously created, but there are a few key tips that you should follow.

Firstly, you don’t have to have a complex video to stand out, so you can even make a really good location in your bedroom, or in your back garden! Set up your camera (or even your smartphone), be in a good position in front of it and sing your heart out! If possible, recording your voice with a separate microphone, and syncing this while editing, will help with the audio quality of the production. If you are a complete novice at video making, there are many easy softwares online that you can use, or if you are filming on your phone, just use a free App like ‘VivaVideo’. You dont need to overthink the video, a simple one angle, one shot will be suffice. Remember you fans like you to always be authentic, so less is sometimes more.

Secondly, good lighting can help tremendously in making your video look professional. If the sun is out, you’ll have a perfect natural light source, but alternatively you can use indoor lighting, as long as you ensure your face is filled with light!

And finally, if you want something to stand out on social media, but don’t have the means or time to record a music video, try stock footage! We have a wide variety of stock music videos readily available on our website, including a built-in video editing software to make the process as simple as possible. https://www.budgetmusicvideo.co.uk/pre-made-videos/

Sometimes using stock video can eliminate the risk, cost and time when making a music video. At least you can achieve a high end professional look that can represent your brand. This is a good way to test the market with your music and start building a fanbase.

Here is a great example of one of our stock music videos:

Hopefully these tips help you to continue to stand out and promote your music, and we hope everyone stays safe and healthy over the coming weeks! Check out this video below for our top 4 tips when making your own DIY music video.

Author: Loraa White & Richard Callender


It has been a long road to get Budget Music Videos off the ground and making profits and Loraa White the compnay director has been there for every step. In the below video Loraa tells her story from before Budget Music Videos and beyond and her journey to get the compnay going. There have been many ups and downs and tribulations and Loraa’s story is quite unique. Have a watch and enjoy!

Written by Gareth Greenfield.


Hey Guys!

Here at Budget Music Videos we have decided to start our very own Podcast. With tips, ideas, trials and tribulations. In this first podcast, we just want to introduce ourselves, who we are and what we do and what the podcast is all about. We hope you enjoy our fun antics and random humour!

Chat soon!



Its finally here, and we are the first to provide it! Finance for your music video! Yes! At Budget Music Videos we are proud to announce we will be offering finance for any products on our website, starting at £100 minimum and £800 maximum. We are collaborating with PartPay which offers a simple and effective way of doing finance over a 6-week period. Our clients will be able to pay in small instalments over 6 weeks, instead of a large lump sum up front as usually requested by Budget Music Videos. With this finance option, you will be able to produce, film and edit your music video within this time frame and by the time you have completed your music video production your payments will also be complete. This helps musicians to put their trust in Budget Music Videos and deliver on the final music video within the 6 weeks period. It also allows musicians to spread the cost across 6 weeks, which is easier to digest.

Here at Budget Music Videos we are always trying to help musicians and make the process of music video production easier and more affordable. The best part about the finance is that its 0% interest and the musicians only pay what they have borrowed!

Author: Loraa White