Music Video Production

You’re a singer / rapper by night (or in the shower) and you’re also a working Joe or Joanna 9-5pm in your common job. You’ve thought, how do I make my work fam jealous? The money is saved, you have a well lit mastered track ready to show off? BUT you don’t have the skills to pull off your own high end production?

From £499, we can help you, the artist, achieve that dream of high quality production realness.

Finding Budget Music Videos is easy, we are literally a google search word, you can’t miss us. We mostly operate in London and the whole of Ireland however we can beyond that depending on your budget. The first thing you’ll see is the amount of services that we provide: online courses; stock videos; instant quote calculator; video marketing and of course video production.

There are a couple of ways you can figure which price package is for you. You can look at our prices pages and see which one fits your vibe and also see examples of the same price.

OR you can use our instant quote calculator and make a bespoke price to fit you perfectly!

Are you still concerned about your budget? No worries give us a call or an email, and we will get you sorted.

Now, we have the price agreed and you’re happy with the plan. Pay the invoice either in full or in installments* to get a start on your production.

The production date is set, you have what you need: director, camera operator, location; models (if needed) and any other miscellaneous options you require for your production. Rock up and bring your A game. We are all trying our best to adhere to COVID-19 social distancing rules, masks and disinfectant, to make our productions a safe environment for everyone. Never worry, Budget Music Video Ltd have got COVID-19 productions down to a T!

Now the waiting begins, depending on the agreed editing time with us, please be patient whilst we edit your music video. Give us your amendments and FINALLY you will get your music video.

Now to share with the world, they are waiting.

*Installments can only come from residents within the UK, and must be between £100 – £800

Check out our music video production process video:

Music Video Maker

How do you make your own music video for cheap? You have little skills in: filming; production and editing. So how do you do it? How can you make a high production with a small budget?

We have you sorted!

Check out our stock database FULL of high production videos (, just right to fit your budget. However the choice of how your video looks is up to you! Open up the music video maker for the video you want to edit. We have 3 options of visual colouring. We have the standard, retro and Black & white. Insert your song into the editing software and choose how your song will fit the video. All of our videos range between 3:30 – 4mins, so think about the length of your song before you choose a video. If there are any special requests that we can do to help edit your video, feel free to contact us and we will help in any way we can for no extra charge!*

Once you are happy with the video you have made from our music video maker, hit that export button and pay for your video and wait 10-20 mins for the video to hit your email and there is your video, ready to go.

Again, if you have any problems with our site, we are always improving our online presence so it’s bound to happen, hit that contact button, and let’s get you some content!

*Exceptions include: adding subtitles throughout the song and rearranging shots of the stock video.That work must be done / sourced by yourself.

Check out our information video about stock music videos below:

Author: Gareth Greenfield

Stock Music Videos

So you’re an artist with little visual creativeness and you don’t know how to make an affordable music video.


Introducing our Stock Music Video site!

Want a model from Amsetrdam wandering the dutch streets? DONE!
Want a bride running from her troubles? WE GOT YOU!
Want to feel like ‘Aqua’ and have a real life Barbie and Ken in your music video? LET’S GO PARTY!

We have got you covered, from our ever growing database of content.

Don’t see anything that would suit you? Why not suggest it to us? We are always open to ideas and queries of future stock videos to display on our site!

We have received numerous questions about our stock videos, and the top 2 questions we have ever gotten was:

1: ‘Do I own this video?’ and
2: ‘Will someone else have the same music video as me?’

The answer is, 1: No, you do not own the video. Stock videos are for public online use (not for broadcast) but solely owned by us, Budget Music Videos Ltd.

2:Yes, someone else will have the same visuals as you. However think of it like this. Your fanbase will be completely different to another artist’s fanbase in another country. It is highly unlikely you’ll cross paths with the other artist who has the same stock video as you.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to chat to us.

Contact us today for your immediate Stock Music Video!

Author: Gareth Greenfield

How to Make a Music Video

Making your own music video depends on your circumstance, however here are 2 easy ways to make a music video:

Circumstance 1: you have no friends/ available friends.
All you need:
a phone/ camera with enough pixels to make is watchable
Light (the sun is free)
Your instrument/ your track
Objects to elevate and tilt your phone to your height and eyeline

Circumstance 2: you have friends/ or have friend(s) who is/are studying camera work
All you need:
All their equipment…that’s all
And everything in the previous list

You may be a person who cannot afford a £800 phone (honestly we have no idea why people bother, it’s going to be a brick in 6 hours without charge) and that’s fine. Retro videography will never go out of style as particular trends from a certain decade will always come back into a modern trend, so go ahead, start the trend.

So you have the necessities to make your music video. Great. Go crazy with the shots.
The get yourself started is to film the area you’re filming. Range between wide shot to close ups to get that extra detail of where you’re filming. And just go crazy, get creative. There is no correct way to film a music video as taste and style vary across the board.

Once you have your videos, there are a few free video editing apps that you can edit your content on across windows, android and apple users. Learn the app and get creative.

Check out some of our top tips with this video:

Author: Gareth Greenfield

Stock Videos for Business Promotion

Stock Videos for business promotion:

Bite-Size Marketing Videos are the way of the future of any business. Video content is alot more engaging and will encourage customer interaction and sales.

In 2018, it was reported that businesses in the US spent over $163 billion on advertising alone [1], and this is for very good reason. Spreading your business to more of your target demographic is incredibly important, but simultaneously, it is incredibly difficult. It can be hard to find strategies to help with anything you wish to promote. For our advice, we’d like to recommend…stock videos!

A large block of text in a post may turn off a lot of people going through their busy days, and although there may be important information for your audience to grasp, it can be hard if its buried amongst everything else, and in fact its been shown that readers may go through as little as 20% of your overall post [2]. Having something visual will definitely attract more attention to key points…but theres only so much an image can convey, and with this the arrangement within the image must be clear enough for anyone to clearly understand.

With stock footage, there is a wide variety of footage taken by various people across the world, and it can be easy to find footage that will suit your message. Even if theres nothing you can think of being suitable, something breath taking such as a sweeping shot of mountains, or shots taken throughout a cityscape can work alongside some simple text. Although there are a few precautions to take when doing this, such as making sure all of the text is legible, ensuring the length of video isn’t too long for uploads on all social media, and choosing suitable attractive shots.

If you are planning to upload regular content on social media, and plan to use stock videos to help promote these, stock videos might be a great option to keep your content fresh and flowing. If you dont have the time or the creativity to do this, let us help you with our Bite-Size Marketing Videos service, where we will create interesting stock videos every month. Check out our page to find out more information

References: [1] [2]

Here is a quick video about stock videos and some of the benefits:

Author: Richard Callender

‘The Other Side’ – SZA, Justin Timberlake Music Video

Breaking Down: ‘The Other Side’ – SZA, Justin Timberlake Music Video

The joy of creating a music video is that it can be absolutely anything your heart desires, and can be made in so many different ways. Three music videos which capture this variety well, are three of the most popular from March 2020. Blinding Lights from The Weeknd uses a huge range of camera angles and different scenes to construct a story that can be interpreted in many different ways, potentially referring to a man getting carried away by his way of life, and at the end recognising this. Stupid Love by Lady Gaga shows that with enough planning, you can film an amazing music video, even with just your phone. Along with these major hits of music videos, with 10s of millions of views of YouTube each, is The Other Side, by SZA and Justin Timberlake.

Even with the flashy look and stunning visuals of this video, it can actually be an example of how a video with a simple concept can turn out as something amazing to watch, and is an example of how several of our music videos have been shot. First of all, is the transition between shots. Throughout the music video, you may notice that rarely does a shot last longer than a second, and in fact from the first chorus onwards, no shot will be shown for longer than 4 beats at a time. This results in a more visually interesting experience for the audience, as there is always something new to be watching.

Along with these transitions, there are several times where the lead singers will continue singing into a different shot. While it might seem like meticulous planning went into exactly what words would be sang in a certain area and at a certain angle, this is more than likely not the case, as this would take a large part of time for such a small portion of footage. Instead, it is likely that the song will have been performed in these different areas in full, or at least a large portion, like the chorus. In this way, during editing, it gives the ability to swap between these areas, and lead to the visually impressive segments you can see throughout.

These also splice in well with B-roll footage, such as Justin fixing his hair, kicking the camera, or dancing along to the beat of the video. B-roll, while initially seemingly unimportant, can be crucial during the final edit, as portions of video that may be uninteresting in longer lengths, can be cut in different sections, but relevant pieces of b-roll helping to bridge across important shots.

A standout feature of this video is definitely the shining visuals, the silver sparkly suit of SZA, the set design background where a majority of Justin’s dancing takes place, and the turntable SZA can be seen lying on several times throughout the video. You can also see a fish eye lens being used several times throughout the video, as if the dancers are looking into a CCTV camera, and diamonds being thrown about several times towards the end of the video. This helps the video stand out amongst other videos releasing, and can really help in structuring how the video is filmed as well. The video is grounded in this theme of shining diamonds, and this overall can help the end product be as visually stunning as The Other Side.

As a final takeaway from this music video, it really shows how a music video can look great, and be visually interesting to the audience, whilst not being overly complex or a deep story. While these types of video are also great and immensely satisfying to watch through, they can also take months of work, and may be confusing. The Other Side uses shots taken from several different scenes, b-roll spliced in to break up long parts of the same scene, some distinct features such as the fish-eye lens, and the central them being diamonds, and combines these together with smooth editing, and a few effects for a final touch, in order to define itself. The set design alone would have been a trciky and unique build and they probably spent alot of budget and time on this aspect. So keeping the performance element simple would have been key.

If you are shooting a low budget music video, achieveing this look may seem impossible. Set Design can go into the 100’s of thousands, but you can create something either in a green screen studio or hire a studio that has interesting features to look like a higher production value.

We sometimes get to play with set design even on low budget productions, here is a great example of a studio we hired that came with all the props and all we had to do was dress each scene:

This type of video we can produce for around the £5k mark, you can check out our other productions here:

So wether you are an independent artist or a signed artist, you should be constantly analysiyig the current music video trends and styles to help encourage your ideas to stand out and be unique. Most artists have lots of ideas, but the biggest issue is budget. If you cant afford the budget, its sometimes better to keep to a simple idea. Hope this article helps and you have fun filming!

Author: Richard Callender


2019 was the most amazing year to date at BMV. From the successes and the downfalls we managed to launch a new website and produce hundreds of music videos at the same time. We are very proud at the content we have created and the people we have worked with. Check out the video below for a summary and examples of the challenges we have had.

Written by Loraa White


How much does a music video cost? This is the biggest question people ask when they start searching the internet for information. So, we decided to put together a general podcast to educate the music world about how we price music videos and why they cost what they do.

The price of a music video varies from project to project, but here at Budget Music Videos we are trying to help independent musicians and make sure they can the best video for their budget. So, if you are new to the industry and need some advice, please have a listen to our podcast and feel free to ask us questions!


Loraa & Gareth


Hey Guys!

Here at Budget Music Videos we have decided to start our very own Podcast. With tips, ideas, trials and tribulations. In this first podcast, we just want to introduce ourselves, who we are and what we do and what the podcast is all about. We hope you enjoy our fun antics and random humour!

Chat soon!