It was amazing to be nominated 2 years in a row, especially for the ‘Best Marketing Campaign’. Once again, the Women in Business Awards is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Just to be a finalist is an award in itself. Women In Business pride themselves on encouraging women to network and form relationships to help their careers and develop their businesses. This year we actually won the award and Budget Music Videos Director Loraa White was proud as punch, as it was the first award the company had actually won! Hopefully more to follow as the business develops over the next few years. The event itself was an amazing opportunity to meet new businesses and create new bonds with women in business. The publicity around the awards is not to be missed!

Author: Loraa White


For the last few months I have been working under the guidance and authority of Loraa who is the
main woman of BMV. When I started working for her my main aim was to be someone she could trust
and rely upon to do any jobs avaliable. One of my first jobs was to do a 30 second trailer of
one of her fully edited music videos, so no pressure. Lora introduced me to the editing program Coral VideoStudio and it has been fantastic as I have been looking for an editing program that you dont have to pay more than an I-Phone for.

Since we started working together we have gained some great memories and banter (something for the album) It is always important to establish a good rapport with your employer and with Loraa everyday is a laugh and a smile. Like me she has strong creative juices and always knows what works for any project in terms of style and mis en scene. I am very impressed by the work she puts into her videos and how she organises everything so well without a single problem. During recent Mystery Projects Loraa has had so much on her plate it could break a person, but she rose to the chalenge and directed everyone involved excelenty (the odd teling off now and again).

Working with Loraa and being involved in such a huge project has been a fantastic experience for me and under the guidance my skils in the field of working on set are improving. The mystery projects have been on both mine and loraas mind since it began it’s development phase but Loraa has powered through and delivered on what looks set to be an outstanding end product that will bring in plenty of new projects in the near future. On another note for me, Loraa as a boss has always been fair and listens to any ideas or suggestions I have. I couldn’t have asked for someone better to work with so heres to an exciting future with BMV and with a great Boss

Written by Bill Farrell



Well goodness me haven’t we been busy bee’s this weekend. My Sunday normally consists of a mountain walk and then my feet up with nice cup of tea but this Sunday provided a welcome change as I was at my first big gig with Budget Music Videos. with 2 hot coffees myself and Loraa (The Boss) headed down to the Rapture Dance group studios in Belfast. Before the fun began Loraa issued me some words of wisdom (The Rules!) Mainly keep out of her way when she’s filming, do whatever I was told and enjoy the experience. My role for the day was work behind the scenes and film, photograph the magic. I was relishing the experience and eager to do the job justice. Firstly we met with the dance group, a nice bunch of teens who did what was asked of them without any sarcasm or back cheek (are they really teenagers?) Their dancing was very unique and stylish, their impeccable ability on cues and timing shows they are well practiced
in their field.

We expected a nice sunny day but were given dull skies and rain, of course this is Ireland not the Bahamas (anyone got a free plane ticket there?). We were on a strict time limit as we had to film at the Belfast Botanical Gardens in the afternoon (No Pressure). Loraa and the two main characters went to film one of the scenes downtown whilst I prepared the equipment for the shooting at the studio. Apart from a fear of breaking something (by accident of course) I was confident my abilities would benefit the work and not incur the wrath of a stressed out boss. As I was behind the scenes I wanted to have plenty of footage so I filmed mainly everything, dancers preparing themselves, scenes, retakes. The studio stuff was very exciting to film and it was interesting to see the dancers give it their all so I made sure to capture it all as I know this experience will be helpful when working the next shoot.

Next came the band stand filming and that was where the fun really began. Nothing was spared for this we had lights, camera and a smoke machine. As passersby watched we went about it like mad, one of the required shots was a revolving shot around the bandstand so Loraa donned roller skates (Yes you heard right) armed with a camera she whizzed about gracefully apart from one little tumble (it’s okay she wasn’t holding the camera) everything was okay. So yes the day was busy and this was only a small shoot. I feel I handled my responsibilities well and didn’t break anything (until the next shoot). The dance team were a joy to work with, excellent in their field and hopefully we will work with them again the near future

Stay Classy Northern Ireand . Written By Bill Farrell


In the run up to Halloween I had the pleasure to be part of a big budget music video shoot for an international TV channel China I supermodel!. For me this was an opportunity to experience life on a professional shoot. I was nervous to say the least in regards to how I would cope with the responsibility and the busy environment. I was keen to do my best and make sure I was of great help to my boss. The shoot would take us around the more scenic parts of Northern Ireland (around NI in 2 days) The first day took us to Donaghdee (no beach and ice cream today). We would be filming at a local restaurant and around the pier/harbour area. The latter is a truly stunning part of the town and would film beautifully especially from a drone (oops spoiler alert). One of my jobs for the day was to ensure everyone in our crew signed a release and non-disclosure agreement, I was very firm in making sure everyone signed one as it was important due to the confidentiality of the project. The talent of the shoot the man-band were great to work with and they
were flawless in the delivery of their song. it truy was a great pleasure to be involved in this project.

I also heLped with organizing equipment and ensuring it was stored away safely until it was needed, there was so much equipment counting cameras, lights, extension leads and other “techy” stuff. We could have made a feature film while we where at it. My main worry on the shoot was that I might end up with little to do and be seen as a hindrance. But luckily I had plenty to do and that’s a tip for working on big projects like this, keep busy and you will be praised for if you sit around and do nothing then they’ll think you’re part of the furniture (A Smoking Sofa!). As Day 1 drew to a close I look back and relaize
just how busy and mad it is on a real video shoot but I welcome the challenge as it will prepare for other big projects in my future career

If you thought Day 1 was busy then think again, Day 2 proved to be even crazier as we had to film in 2 locations within whatever light we had (Thank you very much Northern Ireland weather). Location 1 was an old Irish castle near the sea so the main challenge was running from the castle and up the hill to our makeshift green room (great exercise) and then onto the dark hedges, the dark hedges was proboably the exciting part due to the may effects we had going in and through our wonderful talent everything filmed beautifully. Overall I felt very privileged to have been part of such a
big project and hope to use the experience i gained into future projects with BMV.

Author: Bill Farrell


The biggest tip that any filmmaker can use when making a music video is to ensure that for each scene setup, angle and shot that is taken they film the entire song from start to finish. This will make for a much easier and faster editing process. Also during filming make sure that the singer performs for every second of the song, including instrumentals. So their body language is constantly performing to the camera, even when they are not singing, as these are equally important shots to fill space within the video.

When it comes to the editing it is best to pic out the 5/6 strongest singing shots and put them in the video first, once you have sync the first shot it is really easy to copy and paste the shot and extend it to the next part of the song for a fast edit. Then you can fill in simple movement shots in between to make the video more detailed and exciting.

Usually we aim for the first 1minute of the video to be the most important as that sets the tone for the entire video and also gets people interested and eager to watch more. Once the style and tone is set in the first one minute then the rest of the video should easily fall into place. If you are aiming for a video that is very in sync with the song tempo and the lyrics then this will be a much more detailed edit, one big tip is to try and not let words finish half way through, in other words chopping shots in the middle of a word or phrase, as it can be confusing to the viewer.

Also adding movement shots or posing shots can help with creating a moving style video that works with music up-tempo, without the need of special effects, sharp and fast shots work well. If the video is more slow, then blending footage from one shot to the next helps create a slow feel for the video. You can also slow some shots down to capture the essence of a slow song.


There are a few tricks that can be learned to help good lip sync in a music video, so that it looks realistic and convincing. The first main step is in the filming process. During filing it is best if you get the singer to sing the song over the actual track, this means that their facial expressions, breathing and mouth and tongue vibrations are all the same like when they recorded the song. Also during filming it is always best to film the entire song from start to finish for each scene set up. this makes it easier to edit when you have each shot the complete length of the song. Also make sure the song is playing loud during filming, so when you are editing you can hear the song in the footage.

The second step is to sync in the edit. The best way to do this is by ear and not by eye. By keeping the sound on while syncing the song with the footage you can match up the song until it is identical with the original and the song played during filming, this will guarantee a definite match for lip syncing throughout the entire video. Once you have synced once, you shouldn’t have to do it again, there fore a faster edit.

And remember do the lip-syncing by ear not by eye! If the singer has made mistakes there is not much you can do, but at least you got it on point.


Keeping a budget low for any music video can be difficult. At Budget Music videos (budgetmusicvideo.co.uk) we are experienced at gathering low cost resources for music videos. There are a lot of expenses to think about whether you are considering a small simple video or a more creative video. The main questions to be asked are, what’s the best idea to represent the music? Where should we shoot the video? Should we use, extras/actors/models/dancers? Who is the best team to film and edit the video? Costumes/Hair/Make-up? Props? And many more…..

We have managed to generate lots of ideas to save money when planning your low budget music video. When you are coming up with an idea for a music video, sometimes it can be easy to get very literal with the music, and generate lots of ideas that would be difficult to capture. Sometimes the best way to capture the music is the simplest and your fan base will appreciate it more. For example Azealia Banks – 212. This was a very simple video that went viral and goes to show you that less sometimes is more.

Deciding whether to shoot within a studio or location can affect your costs. Obviously shooting on location will be cheaper; however other factors you should consider is the whether or not you will be able to capture good shots without lighting when on location. One idea we have used are battery operated LED lights, these are cheap and can be bought on EBay. They can be hand held or attached to your camera. These lights are great for close up shots.

If you decide to hire a studio, you will find that the further outside the city, the cheaper the studio cost. However don’t forget to factor in all the travel costs for yourself and all your team. Sometimes the most expensive studio works out the same either way. When hiring a studio check if lights, backdrops etc are included as this can play a huge part on your costs and a lot of studios included them now, to keep fees low. This will also be one less thing to think about.  Also, if you plan your video shoot well and organize timing etc, you can limit the amount of time needed in the studio, therefore cutting down cost.

If you require extras/actors/models/dancers for your video, the first place to look is your friends and family. They always love to get involved and will be happy to do it for free. If you have no luck there, you can put up a free ad on Starnow, however unpaid ads don’t get the best responses. If you offer to pay expenses, you may get a better response as there are lots of people out there trying to build upon their experience and show reels. Always remember less is more. for a low budget music video only one model and one dancers should be enough to create the scenes required for your video.

Costumes are an essential part of your video; they create the image, the brand and set you apart from other artists. Source your ideas online and try and re-create them from cheap high street stores and EBay. You can find anything on EBay, any prop or accessory. You don’t necessarily need to have several costume changes within your video; one very powerful costume is sufficed on a low budget.

Hair and Makeup is more for the females, yet needs to be well thought through, if you can budget for a makeup artist, great, as it needs to be flawless for your video, it also needs to be more creative than your normal make-up. Look online for ideas that can be easily generated by yourself or someone else and do a practice run before hand. This goes the same with the hair styling. Remember only one hair style and one makeup look is enough when making a low budget music video, as long as its powerful and creative.

The most important part of your music video is the filming and editing team. Here at budgetmusicvideo.co.uk we are able to do this in house therefore keeping the costs low. A good camera, good lighting and a good editor are essential and shouldn’t be passed aside, but should be carefully considered even on a low budget!

Overall being organised, having a thorough plan and good resources that have been well researched should make for a professional music video on a low budget! https://www.budgetmusicvideo.co.uk / info@budgetmusicvideo.co.uk


There are a wide variety of options to try and raise funds to pay for a music video. A first obvious one, is by having financial backing from a record label or management. If you are able to get signed, then in theory you shouldn’t have to raise funds yourself for your music or music video.

However getting signed is extremely difficult and can be time consuming, so if your looking for funding quickly or just want to ‘do it yourself’, then it might be an idea to source an investor/sponsor. There are a few avenues you could try for this. First of all you could start close to home, approach family and friends for donations. If that fails, then try approaching your local shops/businesses/entrepreneurs for sponsorship. This may mean you represent their business/brand in some way in your video, however it would be worth it.

Another idea would be to approach your fan base. If you have managed t build a fan base already, you could set up a fan donation page, where fans could donate to help you raise funds for your music video. There are many different websites out there for this, including ‘Go fund me’  and ‘help for bands’ for the UK and ‘Fan Funded’ for the USA. There are many more, just Google ‘fan funding’ and see the results. These accept donations of all sizes, but can be time consuming to promote your campaign for it to be noticed by the general public. However if you already have a big fan base, this should be relatively easy.


One other option is to hire ‘Budget Music Videos’ . We offer extremely low priced music videos from £199, which will give you that professional image you desire.

If you are unable to source finance you could always try and find online competitions for free music videos via video production companies like ‘Budget Music videos’ or via artist’s websites like Reverbnation. Another website that offers money rewards for great music is ‘Beat100.com’. They let artists compete with their music, simple homemade videos of you singing your music, and the winner wins a substantial amount of money at the end of each month.

Hopefully this will give you some great tips to get you started. Thanks



Extras/Models/Dancer/Actors can really enhance a video, depending on the style. Although they are not always needed, it is sometimes makes a music video diverse and breaks it up with some other talent within the video. If you are planning a low budget music video and want extras/models/dancers the best place to start is close to home. Ask appropriate friends and family who may suit the role, however be careful that you will get the result you want and image you want to set. Bringing in a professional may be a better choice for the video, but this all depends on budget and what you can get. If you plan to not pay your extras/models/dancers you may find your applicants are a range of amateurs who don’t have the right look or enough talent. However if you offer at least some expenses, for example £20 towards travel and food, you will get a good range of applicants applying for the position. Also state clearly how long they will be needed for, the shorter the time, the more people will be interested. The location is also really important, somewhere central and has ease of access by public transport, the better the location the better the applicants.

The best place to advertise for free for extras/models/dancers is Starnow. Once your advert is approved you will be able to see full profiles for all your applicant and pick the best for the video. As long as the applicants know all the information up front, they can’t argue with you on the day. You will be provided with all their contact information, plus videos and pictures to make your decision easier. Plus, after the shoot is finished its good to go back to the Starnow advert and place recommendations for everyone that was used. This means that everyone is happy and creates a possibility you could use them again in the future.

One final avenue to pursue for finding some extras/models/dancers is to approach students at your local colleges. Students studying performing arts etc, as they will be eager to gain experience and to learn, however ensure they are over 18.