How to make a music video on a low budget?

How to make a music video on a low budget?

So you’re in the music scene and you haven’t quite made enough to afford the expense of an expensive music that all those professional studios are charging for, let alone all the bells and whistles that they charge even more for like makeup, hair, costumes and extras.

HAVE NO FEAR, because with enough preparation you can pull it off on your own and save big bucks.

Before you go to a production company, sit down a practice your styling. Being able to do your own hair and makeup efficiently will save you big time instead of getting a professional hired in. All it takes is a bit of practice or a friend who knows what they’re doing and what you want. Here is a tutorial on how to do your own makeup:

Being organised saves time AND money. Come up with storyboards of how you want your video to play out as this will help everything move on a lot quicker and possibly inspire changes you like more than the original idea. Planning out a story board can also help start the process of reinventing the shots in the case anything goes wrong. Try and opt for filming outide in the sunlight, this is the cheapest way to shoot a music video. Outside is free, the sun is free and it can be very simple. If you want a studio, you then have to think to times, lighting, set design and many more elements.

Manage expectations:
Managing your expectations is VERY important when it comes to a video. Every aspect has a price, if it’s the lighting, the effects, the location, everything, so it’s important to know what you want from the video. Starting with a £500 budget you need to understand that the video will be limited in terms of locations, times and equipment available, as well as limits in production such as tweaks you want to make and effects you want to add (that stuff isn’t easy).

If you would like to learn how to shoot your own music video, we offer some great Online Courses:

To summarise, diving head first into making a music video will cost you more time and money than if you take your time, look at your options and plan things carefully (a bit of DIY never hurt anyone, did it?). Here are some video tutorials we have shot with our top tips about shooting a low budget music video:

Author: Thomas Mooney

How Much Does A Music Video Cost?

Here at Budget Music Videos, we get asked this question a lot, however there isn’t one answer to this question. Professional music videos made by popular artists can cost millions of dollars per video, however smaller indie artists can also make a music video for absolutely nothing, simply by playing in front of a camera. To give a simple answer, how much your music video will cost depends on how creative you want to get!

Although we can storyboard the project for you, it may help if you visualize what you want your dream music video to be about. For example, would you like the video outside? Do you want background dancers? How long would you like the shoot to be? All of these are important considerations, but its also important to consider your budget.

Anything is possible for us to do for you, and we’ll always look around to find the best prices, but do keep in mind that we have to be realistic with a smaller budget, while in contrast with a larger budget, the sky can truly be the limit!

As always, we’re here to help make your dream music video; you can quickly find a price with our instant quote calculator (available at, get in touch with us directly for a more in depth quote (, and additionally we have a number of ready made price packages available (

And alternatively, if you would like a cheaper and quicker alternative, check out our stock music video database, where we have a wide range of videos, and a built-in video editing software, from £99!

There is a lot to consider when making a music video, so make sure you spend time thinking about all aspects for your perfect video, but don’t be afraid to get in touch with us, we’re always happy to help!

Here is one of our low budget music videos, it only cost £499:

Author: Richard Callender

Budget Music Videos in Belfast!

Budget Music Videos in Belfast!

Budget Music Videos is currently based in three locations, including London, Dublin and Belfast, and each of these cities boast a wide range of opportunities for us with clients and filming locations, as even these locations may seem close together, they each have very different features to them! And a great example of this is with Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland has an extensive variety of historic locations, from Harland & Wolff shipyard where the infamous Titanic was built, remains of castles and monasteries dating back as far as the 12th century, and the gorgeous untouched landscape of the Mourne Mountains. Smaller towns and villages scatter across the country, bringing places which almost seemed locked in the history of decades prior. All of these locations, plus dozens of other unique places, lend Northern Ireland to be a country with a lot of potential for unique and captivating videos.

In recent years there have been plenty of stellar examples for filming within Northern Ireland, such as Derry Girls or Game of Thrones, and several Music Videos we’ve produced have been filmed using the unique locations only available here! If you would like to browse the selection of videos we’ve produced in Northern Ireland, across the UK and beyond, check out our portfolio, where we’ve catalogued all our work for clients!

Here is a one of our most recent Belfast City Centre music videos:

Author: Richard Callender

Bite-Sized Marketing Videos Now Available!

Does your business need help with video marketing?

In our constantly moving world, even though information has never been more accessible, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to promote themselves. So we have decided to bring you bite sized marketing videos for your business. Almost everyone has access to some form of social media, and will use these platforms multiple times a day, but with the huge number of posts they’ll be exposed to, its easy for yours to be ignored.

Research has shown that our attention spans are now no longer than about 10 seconds, so how can you appeal quickly and effectively to new potential customers? Try video! This recent research explains the importance of video: Link

We’ve created Bite-Sized Marketing Videos! A new subscription service that we’re offering for any businesses wanting to stand out more on social media!

We’ll create short 10 second marketing videos using our extensive database of Stock Footage filmed and produced in Northern Ireland and Worldwide. We’ll add in all the core information you’ll need to broadcast to your audience, and even upload it to your social media accounts. We have 3 packages available, starting from £99, so you can pick the perfect one for you!

We know how hard it is to run a business and think about marketing and what to post on social media, so let us take the stress away from you. Sign up and cancel anytime. We are happy to come up with ideas for your video and execute them efficiently and professionally. We have many examples already available to give you an idea of what to do. Start today and we can get to work. The process is quites simple. Just email us your type of business and what types of footage you would like us to use and we can get started straight away. When thinking about the text on the videos, keep it short and simple so we can deliver a message to your customers in under 10seconds.

Visit our Bitesize Marketing Videos Page for more information, and be sure to get in touch with us if youre interested!

Bitesize Marketing Videos


It has been a long road to get Budget Music Videos off the ground and making profits and Loraa White the compnay director has been there for every step. In the below video Loraa tells her story from before Budget Music Videos and beyond and her journey to get the compnay going. There have been many ups and downs and tribulations and Loraa’s story is quite unique. Have a watch and enjoy!

Written by Gareth Greenfield.


What makes a good music video director?
It is important for artists to know what makes a good music video director in order to get the best end product. At Budget Music Videos, we are passionate about what we do. We take time to listen actively to what an artist needs and we have a multi – skilled team to help musician’s visual speculation become a reality.

We feel it is important for a music video director to know the medium and be up to date with the styles of videos out there (which are constantly changing). A good video director needs to be creative in their ideas, shooting style, location scouting and editing.
A good music video director should have a good team behind them and understand they can’t do it all. It is also essential for a music video director to be able to hear a song and have a mental image of how it could be visualized, here at Budget music videos we are confident we possess all of these qualities. 
Check out our recent documentary film about the day in the life of a music video director:

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When it comes to having a Music Video that stands out one of the most crucial aspects is the location. The right location could really set your video apart from others. Location scouting can be one of the most difficult but also satisfying parts of being a videographer.

Today it proved to be extremely satisfying as I came across a beautiful creative space that could be used  for multiple types of genres, videos and shots. This former college in Belfast has been made into a gleeful, quirky creative studio. It has a cosy feel but with different props and lights almost anything can be achieved, a video directors dream I call it, take a glance yourself below..