When we made the decision to create a dedicated music video production training course our primary concern was to not replicate what was already being done by others but to come up with something fresh and new and considerably more engaging. To this end we have successfully created a course that blurs the line between work training and work experience, to produce a unique education and development experience.

It is first and foremost a practical course designed to be less about processing theories and more about practice facts. In other words we can promise you a training and development experience that will have you constantly planning, filming, editing, working with equipment, in studios and on Location.

Course Outline:
4 Day Course with Hands On Work Experience.

All students will receive a printed copy of our online 'music video production' course workbook and 12 online tutorial videos. This will be the guide for the workshop and given out on Day 1.

Day 1: Introduction, Theory, History of Music Videos, Purposes of Music Video, How to Produce a music video (10 Steps)
Day 2: Music Video Planning, Preparation, Equipment, Set Design, Light Design
Day 3: Film a Real Music Video with a Real Client
Day 4: Edit The Music Video

If you are interested and would like to attend the next course or would like us to run a course on your behalf, please send us an Email:info@budgetmusicvideo.co.uk. Or you can book your place today by purchasing below.

Our next course will be running in 2020.

Price: £399Book

Final Music Video

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